Security Services

Security services from IBS – Reliable and professional

With its comprehensive expertise and skilled workforce, IBS is your professional partner for all things security-related. Those service providers who work at the very heart of the company are the ones who need to be selected carefully. The quality of the service and the relationship with the service partners play a decisive role in their selection.

With its subsidiaries "GUARDWELL Security Services" & “GIS” registered under PSARA ACT 2005, we are is one of the market leaders in the security industry. As a long-standing partner for all things- Corporates, from the protection of government facilities to the security service for banks and industrial facilities, the company has established itself on the market and acquired renowned customers.

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Reliable protection for premises, facilities, people and events

Security services are provided to protect premises, facilities, people or events. IBS boasts a comprehensive range of security services. On the one hand, protecting against property damage, burglary or theft, on the other preventing fire and water damage, and maintaining in-house order. Basic security tasks include specific guard services in buildings and properties, incoming and outgoing checks, material movements etc.

Plant and building security 

Classic examples of security services in facility management: plant and building security. Our specially trained security employees ensure your company, premises and merchandise are reliably guarded. Our presence is effective in preventing vandalism, arson, theft, burglary and property damage. We guard public buildings, commercial buildings and industrial facilities, as well as train stations and airports.

Reception and doorman services 

Our reception and doorman service will make a professional first impression on your customers, employees and visitors. IBS employees check and register all vehicles, people and goods that come and go, thus providing the necessary security. Multi-lingual telephone services, as well as secretarial and postal services, are also included in our service portfolio. We cordially receive your guests and work reliably – for example, in company or public authority buildings, industrial or commercial properties.

Patrol duty 

The ideal security concept includes two core components: optimum security systems and, more importantly, the watchful eyes of our IBS patrol officers on site. Our security employees are in permanent contact with our emergency and service control centre, are qualified to make quick decisions and correctly react to the situation at hand. On request, we can provide assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days a year.

Event protection with mobile access control 

Events, especially those that attract large crowds, hide a multitude of dangers. A reliable partner is required and this is where we come in. We check the entrance to the event grounds with help from our mobile checkpoints, manage visitor flows, secure the surrounding environment and carry out any personal security tasks. We also provide trade fair services and stand security, while also making sure fire prevention measures are met.

Security technology 

The procurement of modern security technology is an investment in the security of your buildings and facilities. Our close technology partners, specialist for security and communication technology, represents a practical merging of man and technology. Together with our partners, we have one aim: as a customer, you should benefit from a complete package of services, ranging from system installation to technical maintenance, to intervention in the event of an alarm.

Basic training & further training 

The quality of the security services provided always depends on the people involved, which is why we only employ first-class professionals who are motivated and socially competent. In our own IBS Academy, we not only train our own personnel, but also employees from other companies. Our basic and further training offers are certified according to the accreditation and correspond to the strict requirements of PSARA ACT 2005. We can provide further training for aviation security assistance, aviation security personnel, as well as access controls, and offer training programmes from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry for skilled workers, as well as protection and security service personnel. In addition to providing participants with specialised knowledge, our seminars convey soft skills such as leadership behaviour, interpersonal skills, conflict management and customer care.