Maintenance Service

Maintenance is a matter of trust

In order to hold their own among the competition, companies today need to be able to rely on everything functioning correctly. A comprehensive and tailored maintenance serviceguarantees optimum availability of technical equipment and installations. IBS supports its customers with a broad spectrum of individually tailored maintenance services. Whether it's servicing, inspections, repairs or improvements – the multitasking service provider ensures its customers can fully focus on their core business. This is possible thanks to the large pool of experienced electricians, technician, MST, mechanics the company relies on. IBS provides its customers with a broad spectrum of maintenance services and is always expanding its service portfolio. The current range of services includes:

  • Technical building service
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Maintenance on call
  • Service on behalf of the manufacturer
  • Machine removals
  • Maintenance consulting

Technical building service 

Functioning technical equipment is essential for the smooth operation of any premises. Staff at IBS, experts in the areas of electrical engineering, ventilation and air-conditioning installation, sanitary and heating systems, as well as building services management, are responsible for the customer's facility management. The company supports its customers as a full-time service partner, as well as with maintenance packages for technical building services.

Preventive maintenance 

Prevention is better than cure" is the IBS motto when it comes to maintenance. Preventive maintenance measures are used by the experts to reduce the number of unplanned machine standstills and optimise the reliability and availability of technical equipment and installations.

Maintenance on call 

Companies who organise their own maintenance are supported by IBS, where necessary, with personnel and know-how – preventive servicing and inspection plans are determined, or measures are taken to rectify machine failure or staff shortages.

Service on behalf of the manufacturer 

IBS takes care of customer services for machine and plant manufacturers across INDIA. The facility management expert carries out servicing measures, repairs faults and replaces components and assemblies. In addition to a comprehensive customer service, machine installation, disassembly and reassembly are also included in the range of services.

Machine removals 

As part of its maintenance concept, IBS provides services such as disassembly and reassembly, industrial installations and machine removal all from the one source. From disassembly and loading to installation and initial setup at the new site.