Imbellire Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (IBS), established in the year 2008, is one of the leading Professional Facilities Management Services company in India.

With offices in Mumbai & Thane (Maharashtra), Vadodara (Gujarat), Bengaluru (Karnataka) and Bhadohi (Uttar Pradesh), we are omni-present across the country.

IBS offers a wide range of smart, innovative facility managed services that are cost effective, and present sustainable results at our clients’ facilities and workplaces. Our offerings include technical maintenance services, housekeeping services, commercial cleaning services, security services, and specialised maintenance service solutions delivered across a variety of sectors and clients.

The ability to integrate and self-deliver services is the key to providing cost-effective workflow and high-quality service that has kept us ahead in this industry.

For our clients, this delivers compelling value-based solutions that are tailor-made as per their requirements and budgets.

IBS focus remains on customer proximity, competence, skills, reliability, quality, innovation, efficiency, sustainability and fairness. These are the values that shape the approach taken by the building services provider. The customers, with whom the company has established long-standing partnerships based on mutual respect, are the ones who benefit. The employees play a central role: their loyalty, their expertise and their motivation are key to providing the best possible service. They also embody Imbellire’s commitment to sustainability, as without their tireless efforts, it would not be possible to achieve our balanced economic, ecological and social approach.

Compliances: -

IBS has an active role in various associations and we are actively participate with over of the 100 organizations. The information gained through the involvement with these organizations are utilized in our client-specific service packages.

We are constantly developing our services for our customers, to be more sustainable and efficient. IBS thus meets the following requirements:

  • ESIC Registration
  • PF Registration
  • GST
  • PT – Employer
  • PT – Employee
  • Shop & Establishment.
  • Private Security Agency Regulatory Act - PSARA
  • MSME
  • Other State License