Energy Management

Planning, concept and project management

We review energy management in your company and optimise your processes. The effectiveness of energy management in terms of expenditure and the use of resources hinges on how well it is established and continuously cultivated in the company. We take on planning, concept and project management – depending on your needs. Take advantage of our professional services

Energy controlling and monitoring

The basic prerequisite for implementing energy efficiency measures is thorough knowledge of the company's energy consumption. Successful energy controlling and monitoring therefore includes methodical recording, documentation and analysis to thus assess a company's energy status quo. Our experts offer the services below to assist you:

  • Data capture: in the first step, large consumers in the company are identified, and their consumption and costs recorded in preparation for energy controlling. Consumption data is captured meticulously, no matter whether it performed manually or automatically.
  • Key energy figures: if we want to map energy efficiency in your company in real terms, recording absolute energy consumption does not go far enough. It is affected by production-related factors like production quantity and the number of employees. We also take these factors into account to arrive at key figures which let us make comparisons and identify trends.
  • Energy analysis: during the energy analysis we examine the recorded data to gain a picture of the energy supply and consumption in your company. In this way we can assess the energy status quo and initiate suitable measures for increasing energy efficiency.
  • Evaluation: the data and energy figures captured during the analysis phase are then amalgamated and evaluated. The main consumers and potential energy losses are identified. Visualisation plays a crucial role in detecting savings potential and toeholds for initiating suitable measures. 
  • Monthly and annual reports: we keep you up-to-date: we document current progress by drafting regular reports containing all the necessary information like consumption trends and proposed and implemented optimisation measures.

Garden Management

Your duty of care is in safe hands

The duty of care refers to the duty of the property owner to make the land or premises safe for persons or vehicles. If this duty is neglected, it can often lead to claims for damages. As one of the largest facility management service providers, IBS has the know-how and resources to ensure you are spared this concern. 

IBS specialises in the following park maintenance services:

  • Lawn mowing
  • Cutting trees
  • Hedge trimming
  • Professional pruning
  • Plant protection
  • Weeding
  • Fertilisation, as required
  • Tree inspections
  • Tree removal
  • Removal of green waste
  • Playground checks
  • Sweeping
  • Inspection patrols
  • Checking manhole covers and kerbstones